The Wine Boxes of Small Italian Wineries

The new wine box section of offers a selection of wines from small Italian wineries, which can be purchased in a single box, even without a subscription. Here you will find packs of six bottles of wine, which represent the best of the wineries selected by our sommeliers.

First of all you can choose between the wine boxes of the territory, as in the case of the wine box of Valpolicella or that of Soave, Tai Rosso dei Berici or the Bardolino area. Every month a new territory to discover, more choice and a section that is constantly updated – subscribing to the newsletter is a good way to stay up to date (do it from the home page)!

In addition, our sommeliers, always looking for ‘hidden’ made in Italy gems, have decided to also add the wine boxes of the small selected wineries. In practice we look for them, we taste them and we propose them through this formula. The best of a winery in a box of six bottles, which can be bought or given away, regardless of our subscription routes.

How to buy them? Simple, click on ‘go to details’ to discover the bottles of the wine box and their characteristics. Choose the quantity of boxes you want to be sent and add the product to the cart. At that point, all that remains is to enter your data to conclude the purchase and define the shipment, the delivery of which will take place between 7 and 10 working days following the date of the order. That’s all!

So many stories to tell, so many new labels to discover. Good tasting everyone!

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