La Casaccia Winery – Monferrato

Over a century of traditions and fine wines. The La Casaccia winery is located in Cella Monte, among the splendid hills of Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria. “Today we want to live and work in harmony with nature: this is why we have chosen to do organic farming“, this is the motto of Elena, Giovanni, Margherita, Marcello. This is the spirit with which an entire family decided to continue the business of their ancestors and to cultivate the fruits, producing special wines to which we wanted to dedicate a wine box.

Not just organic wines. Sustainability is a fundamental element in all the activities of this small Piedmontese winery. From the photovoltaic panels that feed the company to the cistern that collects rainwater, up to the wood stoves … That of their own wood.

Another unparalleled feature of La Casaccia is the so-called infernot. It is a historical environment, unique and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site of the Monferrato wine culture. What we find in this cellar (and in the photo) is truly special. Entirely excavated in the rock, the Pietra da Cantoni, with chisels of generations who lived in other times (their great great grandfather!) Has in its heart a round table, strictly in stone, like the shelves that surround it. An environment certainly not created for pleasure, in fact, the temperature and humidity are constant throughout the year. Ideal for a stable storage of traditional food bottles. It goes without saying that it becomes a picturesque meeting place and conviviality.

The vineyards are trained in espalier with the Guyot pruning system. Nothing is left to chance: for each plant a single branch and a spur of two buds are raised each year for the following year. The stripping and binding of the shoots are also manual, as well as the stripping. Fertilization takes place using organic substances every two or three years and, if necessary, also with mineral products extracted from quarries (potassium and magnesium sulphate). Another important detail, the ground is left with grass in the inter-row and is mechanically worked under the row.

What about the wines? Between grignolino, freisa, barbera and chardonnay the produced labels are many and varied: Ernesto, Poggeto, Monfiorenza, Giuanin, Bricco dei bosco, Calichè, Charnò, La Casaccia brut. To find out more details on the wines we have chosen for you, please refer to the La Casaccia Wine Box page. A real gem made in Monferrato that we hope you will appreciate.

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