Welcome To The WeTaste.Wine World

In this particular and difficult moment of history, we have decided to roll up our sleeves and focus on this project: WeTaste.Wine. One of the most important Italian treasure is the wine. The reason why we thought it deserved to be shared and known to the widest possible audience around the world. Our Discovery, Magnificent and Nature wine tasting options are aimed at anyone who wants to explore the Italian lands of wine. The most characteristic wineries, the most representative labels, the stories of families who dedicate a lifetime to making the wine of their dreams.

From the most experienced sommeliers to wine enthusiasts, wine bloggers and those who simply love sharing the experience of tasting an excellent glass of wine. WeTaste.Wine will take them through a wine journey different every month, a conscious and expert choice, guided by quality and curiosity.

Wine has its own rhythm and we want to respect it. As well as waiting for a lunch or a special occasion, our wine boxes are delivered once a month. A ‘slow-commerce’ that we like, respecting those who work in this world and those who will appreciate its products.

The territory is our starting point. The first wine boxes will come from three selected wineries in Val d’Alpone, in the province of Verona. A place where the unfolding of the rows and their harmony gets lost in the horizon. A difficult choice, given the great quality of the wines from this land. Step by step we will do our best to bring their bottles to your dining tables.

Our sommeliers are constantly looking for the best wines for your tasting experience! This is only the beginning, because this beautiful land of wines, Italy, it is also a place where getting lost becomes a real pleasure.

Enjoy your wine tasting journey 🙂

The WeTaste.Wine Team

By December 2020 the First Wine Box!

On the occasion of the launch of WeTaste.Wine, the purchase of a wine tasting option by Tuesday 8 December 2020 will allow you to receive the first wine box by December 2020 – subject to any restrictions due to the containment of Covid-19 and the intensify transport during the Christmas period (we will do our best!). Regarding particular destinations, such as islands, remote areas or international shipments, we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Starting from Wednesday 9 December 2020 all purchase orders received will ship within the first weeks of January 2021 – for a good start of the year! Don’t forget that you can always buy the WeTaste.Wine Gift Option: an alternative and precious idea to give excellent toasts to your friends, relatives or family.