The wine box of love!

wine box of love
  1. Dear lovers (of wine and more), we have selected a small Valpolicella treasure chest especially for you. Together with the Corte Bravi winery we have created a wine box suitable for every occasion, from the most romantic to the spiciest!

A special selection of six bottles that will satisfy the desire for an interesting white wine for an aperitif or a light lunch. An elegant red wine for a special dinner and then the highlight, an amarone wine for special occasions. The choice is yours: in this box there will be everything your heart desires!


1 Bottle of Amarone Classico 2016

1 Bottle of Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2018

2 Bottles of Valpolicella Classico 2019

2 Bottles of IGT Bianco Timido 2019


THE SPECIAL PRICE of this wine box is 110€!!!

If you are interested CLICK HERE and contact us writing “WINE BOX OF LOVE”.

We will reply as soon as possible with all the details to proceed with the purchase order and shipment.

Even if you want to give a gift!

Giving The Gift Of Cheers

WeTaste.Wine Gift

One journey, many emotions. Giving an enthusiast the pleasure of uncorking a special wine bottle. Something that leaves its mark, like a gesture of sharing and desire for discovery … A wine box, one of those gifts that you just don’t expect. Every month and for as long as you decide.

How does it work a WeTaste.Wine gift? As simple as purchasing a wine tasting option. You just need to mark the check box ‘This is a gift’. You can see this option on the product page, above the ‘Subscribe’ button. The next step you will need to enter the email address of the person receiving the gift. If different from your home address then specify the shipping address on the section ‘Send to a different address’.

At this point the game is done, when you finalize the purchase, the recipient of the wine box will receive some emails as notification, showing the sender’s name and the access data to the subscription, obviously with no mention of the price!

WeTaste.Wine – Give the gift of cheers!

By December 2020 the First Wine Box!

On the occasion of the launch of WeTaste.Wine, the purchase of a wine tasting option by Tuesday 8 December 2020 will allow you to receive the first wine box by December 2020 – subject to any restrictions due to the containment of Covid-19 and the intensify transport during the Christmas period (we will do our best!). Regarding particular destinations, such as islands, remote areas or international shipments, we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Starting from Wednesday 9 December 2020 all purchase orders received will ship within the first weeks of January 2021 – for a good start of the year! Don’t forget that you can always buy the WeTaste.Wine Gift Option: an alternative and precious idea to give excellent toasts to your friends, relatives or family.