The House and The Bottle

We chose this logo, because our homes represent – today more than ever – that part of social life where sharing is really everything. A cozy environment where everyday you can relax, take a rest and many other ‘things of life’. Including those moments where you enjoy your favourite food with a glass of wine, a really good one. This is the reason why we think that, like other special places, home is the heart of our lifetime, an exclusive corner perfect to experience the best things.

The thought of exploring Italy as a ‘land of wines’ from the comfortable walls of our own home is incomparable. A constant way over time to get to know and enjoy this precious and tasting side of Italy: a culture to be also ‘tasted’, explored and brought to the table. Every month and for as long as you want, you can choose to join this wine experience, relying on our sommeliers and all the stories they will tell you about some of the best and most characteristic Italian wine labels.

Wine is a wealth of soul to be shared – WeTaste.Wine

By December 2020 the First Wine Box!

On the occasion of the launch of WeTaste.Wine, the purchase of a wine tasting option by Tuesday 8 December 2020 will allow you to receive the first wine box by December 2020 – subject to any restrictions due to the containment of Covid-19 and the intensify transport during the Christmas period (we will do our best!). Regarding particular destinations, such as islands, remote areas or international shipments, we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Starting from Wednesday 9 December 2020 all purchase orders received will ship within the first weeks of January 2021 – for a good start of the year! Don’t forget that you can always buy the WeTaste.Wine Gift Option: an alternative and precious idea to give excellent toasts to your friends, relatives or family.