The Wine Boxes of Small Italian Wineries

The new wine box section of offers a selection of wines from small Italian wineries, which can be purchased in a single box, even without a subscription. Here you will find packs of six bottles of wine, which represent the best of the wineries selected by our sommeliers.

First of all you can choose between the wine boxes of the territory, as in the case of the wine box of Valpolicella or that of Soave, Tai Rosso dei Berici or the Bardolino area. Every month a new territory to discover, more choice and a section that is constantly updated – subscribing to the newsletter is a good way to stay up to date (do it from the home page)!

In addition, our sommeliers, always looking for ‘hidden’ made in Italy gems, have decided to also add the wine boxes of the small selected wineries. In practice we look for them, we taste them and we propose them through this formula. The best of a winery in a box of six bottles, which can be bought or given away, regardless of our subscription routes.

How to buy them? Simple, click on ‘go to details’ to discover the bottles of the wine box and their characteristics. Choose the quantity of boxes you want to be sent and add the product to the cart. At that point, all that remains is to enter your data to conclude the purchase and define the shipment, the delivery of which will take place between 7 and 10 working days following the date of the order. That’s all!

So many stories to tell, so many new labels to discover. Good tasting everyone!

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La Casaccia Winery – Monferrato

Over a century of traditions and fine wines. The La Casaccia winery is located in Cella Monte, among the splendid hills of Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria. “Today we want to live and work in harmony with nature: this is why we have chosen to do organic farming“, this is the motto of Elena, Giovanni, Margherita, Marcello. This is the spirit with which an entire family decided to continue the business of their ancestors and to cultivate the fruits, producing special wines to which we wanted to dedicate a wine box.

Not just organic wines. Sustainability is a fundamental element in all the activities of this small Piedmontese winery. From the photovoltaic panels that feed the company to the cistern that collects rainwater, up to the wood stoves … That of their own wood.

Another unparalleled feature of La Casaccia is the so-called infernot. It is a historical environment, unique and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site of the Monferrato wine culture. What we find in this cellar (and in the photo) is truly special. Entirely excavated in the rock, the Pietra da Cantoni, with chisels of generations who lived in other times (their great great grandfather!) Has in its heart a round table, strictly in stone, like the shelves that surround it. An environment certainly not created for pleasure, in fact, the temperature and humidity are constant throughout the year. Ideal for a stable storage of traditional food bottles. It goes without saying that it becomes a picturesque meeting place and conviviality.

The vineyards are trained in espalier with the Guyot pruning system. Nothing is left to chance: for each plant a single branch and a spur of two buds are raised each year for the following year. The stripping and binding of the shoots are also manual, as well as the stripping. Fertilization takes place using organic substances every two or three years and, if necessary, also with mineral products extracted from quarries (potassium and magnesium sulphate). Another important detail, the ground is left with grass in the inter-row and is mechanically worked under the row.

What about the wines? Between grignolino, freisa, barbera and chardonnay the produced labels are many and varied: Ernesto, Poggeto, Monfiorenza, Giuanin, Bricco dei bosco, Calichè, Charnò, La Casaccia brut. To find out more details on the wines we have chosen for you, please refer to the La Casaccia Wine Box page. A real gem made in Monferrato that we hope you will appreciate.

April it’s Bardolino


Spring has begun to show its colors, and we have begun to see life through pink colored glasses.

In April, our vie en rose will make a stop in Bardolino, a renowned area for the production of rosé wines, perfect for the warm days that await us. A thousand shades of pink that immediately put you in a good mood, even when facing the much dreaded wardrobe change, or even worse deep spring cleaning.

The joy of Bardolino has distant roots, dating back to the Bronze Age. It pass through the Divine Comedy, the work of monks in monasteries during the Middle Ages, and to the present day as we know it. Bardolino is a wine that is being rediscovered and we believe there are many good reasons for that.

As the specification of this denomination explains, the production area of the grapes dedicated to producing Bardolino “includes in whole or in part the territories of the municipalities of Bardolino, Garda, Lazise, Affi, Costermano, Cavaion, Torri del Benaco, Caprino, Rivoli Veronese, Pastrengo, Bussolengo, Sona, Sommacampagna, Castelnuovo, Peschiera, Valeggio”. Finally, according to the original denomination of this wine, it is produced mainly thanks to the processing of Corvina Veronese. Within a certain limit, it is also allowed the usage of other varieties, such as Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara.

Coming to you in April, get excited and think pink!

The wine box of love!

wine box of love
  1. Dear lovers (of wine and more), we have selected a small Valpolicella treasure chest especially for you. Together with the Corte Bravi winery we have created a wine box suitable for every occasion, from the most romantic to the spiciest!

A special selection of six bottles that will satisfy the desire for an interesting white wine for an aperitif or a light lunch. An elegant red wine for a special dinner and then the highlight, an amarone wine for special occasions. The choice is yours: in this box there will be everything your heart desires!


1 Bottle of Amarone Classico 2016

1 Bottle of Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2018

2 Bottles of Valpolicella Classico 2019

2 Bottles of IGT Bianco Timido 2019


THE SPECIAL PRICE of this wine box is 110€!!!

If you are interested CLICK HERE and contact us writing “WINE BOX OF LOVE”.

We will reply as soon as possible with all the details to proceed with the purchase order and shipment.

Even if you want to give a gift!

They talk about us!

The small Italian wineries, those managed by families and with deep roots in the territory. A world to be explored that we have chosen to make known to wine lovers. Each month we choose and offer three different wineries. Some of the most characteristic of the most important wine areas in Italy.

Many special labels, many stories to tell and three different wine tasting options to choose from! (Discovery, Magnificent and Nature)

A project that is getting noticed by the Italian media and beyond (Ansa, Corriere del Vino, L’Arena, Federvini, Tech Startups, Wine Industry Advisor, etc.).

We do our best. Take a ‘journey’ with us, the wine does not lack hands!!

Love is in the Tai


February is for lovers. And in February we want to make you fall in love with Tai Rosso, the most representative wine of the Mill Valley a picturesque corner of the Berici Hills, in the southern province of Vicenza.

Strolling through the paths of the Mill Valley, you overlook the gentle hills covered with vineyards and olive groves, dotted with ancient water mills dating back to the Middle Ages. And if this idyllic landscapes were not enough to make you fall in love, just think that the small and winged bunch of Tai Rosso has the shape of a heart, and its leaves turn fiery red in the foliage period.

This adorable wine warms your senses with its brilliant ruby ​​red color and its hints of small red fruit, violet and cyclamen, whitepepper and cloves. Tai Rosso has traditionally been a simple table wine, but today it shows features above and beyond expectations, thanks to the renewed attention to the optimal exposure of the volcanic hilly areas and to the low yields in the vineyard.

As in a beautiful love story, even with Tai Rosso, care is the basis for great satisfaction and surprising turnouts.

So, since 2009, the disciplinary measures allow a reserve version that enhances the potential and versatility of this grape. We also found it particularly intriguing as a rosé sparkling wine, a true flirt. Red Tai offers many opportunities for food and wine pairing. Try the rosé sparkling with Vicenza-style or creamed cod, a party for your senses!

In its traditional and reserve version, it will surprise you with classic Veneto dishes: ‘soppressa e bollito con pearà’. Its spicy hints go perfectly with this peppery sauce of bread, broth, and marrow; its delicate freshness goes well with the succulence of boiled meat. Try it with marinated tongue, it is unforgettable!

Stay tuned to discover the wineries we chose this month. Late subscriber and you don’t want to miss the Tai? Contact us directly.


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Once upon a time there was Valpolicella


In January our journey takes us to the valley of many wineries: Valpolicella!

Valpolicella is the hilly area between the Lessini mountains and the Verona plain. It stretches from the Adige river to the Soave hills. These hills have always been a paradise for viticulture. It is here that the famous indigenous triad of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella is born, the grapes that traditionally make up local wines, and that are just perfect for the practice of drying. Amarone, the most renowned wine of Valpolicella, and one of the most iconic wines of Italy is vinified with dried grapes and was actually… A “mistake”!

Until the 1940s, the grapes were dried in the drying rooms, and subsequently pressed for the production of Recioto. A sweet wine.  After the war, during the German occupation, the barrels containing the fermenting wine were kept in hiding places. Not always easily accessible. Sometimes it happened that the wine completed fermentation and the sugars were completely unwound. The result was therefore inevitably a dry wine. Today, in fact, Amarone is still called Recioto scapà (run away) in local dialect.

The raisins are used for the production of Amarone, Recioto and Ripasso. But a special mention should be the Ripasso. A basic Valpolicella that comes into contact with the marcs of amarone or recioto and partially acquires their aromas and structure. Wines of great concentration and complexity such as these coexist with classic Valpolicella. Wines of great freshness, slender body that are so pleasant and easy to drink. In recent times, a great deal is dedicated to the experimentation and production of sparkling wines and white vinification with the native grapes of the area.

Experiments that offer countless possibilities for food-wine pairing both with traditional meat and fish dishes, but also with Asian cuisine. Classic Valpolicella and tataki tuna? A match made in heaven!

For those lucky ones waiting for the wine box with the wines of Valpolicella, be patient, it is close! Those who have missed this important stage, can contact us directly.

Giving The Gift Of Cheers

WeTaste.Wine Gift

One journey, many emotions. Giving an enthusiast the pleasure of uncorking a special wine bottle. Something that leaves its mark, like a gesture of sharing and desire for discovery … A wine box, one of those gifts that you just don’t expect. Every month and for as long as you decide.

How does it work a WeTaste.Wine gift? As simple as purchasing a wine tasting option. You just need to mark the check box ‘This is a gift’. You can see this option on the product page, above the ‘Subscribe’ button. The next step you will need to enter the email address of the person receiving the gift. If different from your home address then specify the shipping address on the section ‘Send to a different address’.

At this point the game is done, when you finalize the purchase, the recipient of the wine box will receive some emails as notification, showing the sender’s name and the access data to the subscription, obviously with no mention of the price!

WeTaste.Wine – Give the gift of cheers!

The House and The Bottle

We chose this logo, because our homes represent – today more than ever – that part of social life where sharing is really everything. A cozy environment where everyday you can relax, take a rest and many other ‘things of life’. Including those moments where you enjoy your favourite food with a glass of wine, a really good one. This is the reason why we think that, like other special places, home is the heart of our lifetime, an exclusive corner perfect to experience the best things.

The thought of exploring Italy as a ‘land of wines’ from the comfortable walls of our own home is incomparable. A constant way over time to get to know and enjoy this precious and tasting side of Italy: a culture to be also ‘tasted’, explored and brought to the table. Every month and for as long as you want, you can choose to join this wine experience, relying on our sommeliers and all the stories they will tell you about some of the best and most characteristic Italian wine labels.

Wine is a wealth of soul to be shared – WeTaste.Wine