Le Vigne di San Pietro Winery – April

The Vigne di San Pietro are a small area in the morainic hills near the Garda lake. The company of about 10 hectares was founded in 1980 by Sergio and Franca Nerozzi, parents of Carlo Nerozzi, current owner of the company. His father decided to move the family who lived in the city, looking for a place that could combine beauty, nature and productivity. After two years of patient research, destiny brought them to a unique place, a stone’s throw from beautiful Verona and Lake Garda.

The land is rich and suited to produce wine, and many ancient remains testify to this. The soil is clayey, calcareous, morainic, of glacial origin, rich in minerals. The microclimate, which is affected by the nearby Lake Garda, helps the vine to express itself and make the most of the soil. The vines are grown in the middle of a small area full of tree varieties, that create a wide biodiversity very useful for the balanced development of the vineyards.

Carlo is an architect by training, a creative person and now a vigneron. For him, wine is a “medium”, an expressive means that facilitates cultural mediation, the encounter and exchange of knowledge between people. For over thirty years he has been practicing this profession, also helped by his friend Federico Giotto, a young agronomist and oenologist who has helped him to express his style in making wine with greater rigor and technical expertise. He loves elegant, interesting wines, which express depth without impetuousness, which know how to evolve over time by amplifying what is initially only perceived. He loves minerality, transparent and warm colors, subtle and seductive scents. This is what he wants to express with his wines.

The land is not worked and the grass in the vineyards is managed mechanically without the use of herbicides. Green manuring is used to enrich soils and increase biodiversity. The grapes are harvested by hand in crates and processed after cooling within a few hours of harvesting. The varieties present are Garganega, Trebbiano, Trebbianello, Manzoni Bianco, Cortese for the white grapes, Corvina, Rondinella, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for the red grapes.


The Wines Chosen For You


Bardolino Chiaretto DOC Corderosa 2019

Fragrant rosé, full of character, with hints of strawberry, rose and peach.

The fruity and floral scents are perfectly balanced by its minerality and spiciness.

We really liked its complexity, with a thousand nuances to be discovered!

It is very versatile with food pairing. Green light for shellfish, fried fish, vegetarian dishes and finger food.



Bardolino Superiore DOCG 2017

Spicy red, soft, with notes of red fruits and cinnamon. Medium body and well rounded.

For us the perfect wine for your spring bbq’s, while grilling and seated at the table!

In addition to grilled red meats, try it with truffle and mushrooms!

Let’s start from Lessinia


Our journey begins in the Lessini Mountains with a tenacious and fierce vine, the Durella.

The Lessini Mountains are a hilly area of ​​volcanic origin between Verona and Vicenza. This is where the Durella has found its perfect home. From here we want to tell you this beautiful story of wine redemption. It is a story of enhancement of the territory and brilliant insights that have led this wine to carve out a respectable position in the Italian sparkling wine scene.

Durella has a small cluster made of thick, greenish-skinned berries with a marked acidity. Its Latin name was Durus Acinus, which in the Veneto dialect later became Durasena. Until just over forty years ago it was mainly used as a blending grape or was vinified for home use. Much has changed since then. A real rediscovery of the vine has begun through vinifications that are absolutely congenial to Durella and enhance its intrinsic qualities of freshness, minerality and flavor. Durella has found its best expression in sparkling wine making, both champenoise and martinotti methods.

So, for the holidays, get ready to toast with a bubble that has a story to tell.

In the new year we will take you to Valpolicella, to get to know the now iconic wines but also some new and interesting findings. After that, we will take you to the hidden treasures of the Berici Hills, Lake Garda, and the morainic hills of Custoza. And this is just a small overview of everything we have in store for you!

Stay tuned and get excited!

NB. Did you miss this tasting chance? Want to try it again? Please let us know it, we will do our best.