The Pialli Winery


The Pialli family has been producing wines since the 1960s. Both grandparents Silvio Tognetti (CìoBacaro) and Gregorio Pialli owned small vineyards and each made and sold their own wine. Typical productions, at that time, were Tocai Rosso and Garganega. In 1999 both grandparents stopped their activities and in 2001 the new generation began the transformation of the company by combining the two properties into a single winery, focusing exclusively on the vinification of Tocai Rosso di Barbarano. The vineyards were immediately converted to organic. Today the company has 4.5 hectares of vineyards for a total annual production ranging from 13,000 to 20,000 depending on the vintage. It is now led by Alessandro Pialli, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

The company and the vineyards are located on the east side of the Berici Hills, in the old cliff where the sea in ancient times carved out slopes and vertical walls. The soils in this area are very particular, varying from the classic clayey red soils typical for the Berici hills to become drastically calcareous with white and pink flakes. Today Pialli works 7 plots with different terrains and different exposures. After many years of testing and experimentation they have come to produce 4 types of Tai Rosso, each of which conveys the characteristics of its own terroir.

We have chosen 4 labels for our Nature and Magnificent wine tasting option boxes:

Rosso Calbin 2019 – Tai Rosso IGT Veneto

The red Tai in its traditional version but with a modern twist. The red Tai 4.0. Rosso Calbin presents the best young and varietal traits of this grape. The nose immediately presents bloody and peppery notes typical of red Tai, together with floral notes of violet and fruity notes of small red fruits. The freshness and minerality of this wine are remarkably balanced. Our suggestion is to play with the serving temperatures to discover its versatility. Try it at about 14 degrees for an aperitif and at about 18 degrees with a boiled or a grilled meat. In both cases it will not be forgotten!

  • Grape variety – Tai Rosso
  • Alcohol content – 12,5/13,5% Vol.
  • Serving temperature – 16°C
  • In the vineyard – Spurred cordon, guyot
  • Harvest – By hand in small boxes
  • Vinification and aging – One week maceration in steel tanks, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Six months in 500 liter and 15 hl French oak and cherry barrels
  • Characteristics – Fruity and soft wine

Cio Bacaro 2017 – Barbarano DOC Colli Berici

The red Tai reserve of the Barbarano sub-area. It shows structure and complexity while maintaining a masterful balance. It immediately strikes with a powerful sip and gives way to freshness and peppery returns, intoxicating the nose with spicy notes and ripe red fruit. A real star of the show!

  • Grape variety – Tai Rosso
  • Alcohol content – 14% Vol.
  • Serving temperature – 18°C
  • In the vineyard – Spurred cordon, guyot
  • Harvest – By hand in small boxes
  • Vinification and aging – Two weeks maceration in steel tanks, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts. 18 months in 500-liter French oak barrels and subsequent aging in the bottle for 12 months
  • Characteristics – The maximum expression of Tai Rosso, the great native grape of the Berici Hills

Gregorio 2015 – Barbarano DOC Colli Berici

The best Tai of the company, an idea that came to Alessandro after his oenological studies in Verona, the land of Amarone. His bet on the withering of the red Tai was perfectly successful for us. A tribute to his grandfather Gregorio, and he could only be proud of it. Withering in plateaus and a long fermentation in exhausted woods that gives us a Tai of an unprecedented complexity, full of personality and character. It gave great satisfaction with a well-sauced veal with tuna sauce, made without shortcuts and with all the trimmings.

  • Grape variety – Tai Rosso
  • Alcohol content – 16% Vol.
  • Serving temperature – 18°C
  • In the vineyard – Calcareous marly soils and red clays full of skeleton; spurred cordon, guyot
  • Harvest – By hand in small boxes
  • Vinification and aging – Natural drying for about 1 month. Maceration for 3 weeks in oak vats. Aging for about 30-36 months in 500-liter French oak barrels and subsequent aging in the bottle for 6 months
  • Characteristics – In the earth and in the glass, from a young, pale wine in color to a great red from aging. Gregorio, Tai at maximum power, structured, but elegant, delicate, yet powerful, is the result of a perfect ripening of the best grapes, slightly dried and long macerated

Ombre d’ambra 2017 – Garganega IGT Veneto

A garganega that will remain in your thoughts. A maceration that gives intense sweet aromas of orange blossom, honey, vanilla and is kept alive by a wonderful acidity and minerality. The mouth finish is pure almond, typical for this variety. We recommend it with rabbit stew, as long asyou don’t finish the bottle while you are still cooking!

  • Grape variety – Tai Rosso
  • Alcohol content – 12,5% Vol.
  • Serving temperature – 10/14°C
  • Harvest – Late harvest
  • Vinification and aging – Maceration for 2 weeks and spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts followed by aging in barrique for 15 months
  • Characteristics – Amber yellow color, floral and fruity aromas

The Paolo Cottini Winery – January

WeTaste.Wine Paolo Cottini

The foundation of the Paolo Cottini company, created by Paolo and Sara, renews the tradition of a family of the third generation of winemakers. Here the passion for the cultivation of the vine is at home, as is the love for one of the most celebrated fruits on the planet, transmitted in his time by his father Silvano.

The company is located at the foot of the Fumane hill, in the heart of the enchanting classic Valpolicella. Here it is also possible to visit the barrel cellar, where dedicated tastings are organized and you can enjoy the view of the vineyard hills that only Valpolicella can offer.

The vineyards of Paolo and Sara are located in two areas of the historic Valpolicella. One in Negrar, in the locality of Ca del Gallo at an altitude of about 580 meters and facing south west, the other in Valgatara at an altitude of about 250 meters with south-east exposure. Therefore both the orographic and altimetric characteristics, different and peculiar, are able to generate quality grapes with distinctive and specific elements. All elements that are clearly reflected in the wines produced by the cellar.

This is why our sommeliers have chosen these wines for the Magnificent tasting option. Now there is nothing left to do but… Taste them! And if you missed them please let us know !!!

Amarone della Valpolicella

Mature and complex wine obtained from the best varieties of corvina, corvinone and rondinella, dried for 90-110 days and vinified with the traditional method and aged for a long time in small French oak woods.

A persuasive wine that fully reflects the terroir of the area to which it belongs.

Alcoholic degree: 15,5% vol.

Vintage: 2015

Varieties: Corvina 55%, Corvinone 35%, Rondinella 10%

Origin: Castelrotto di San Pietro in Cariano (VR)

Yield: 80 quintals / ha

Training system: Veronese pergola

Harvest: manual, subsequent drying 90-110 days

Fermentation: traditional about 35 days

Aging: 30 months in barriques

Aging: 12 months in the bottle

Serving temperature: Serve at 18 ° -20 ° in large glasses.

Pairing: Suitable for autumn and winter dishes such as braised meats and stews but above all a meditation wine. Try it with an aged Asiago or a 48-month red cow parmesan, it will give you great satisfaction.

We liked Paolo’s Amarone for its finesse, and its elegant structure with a thousand facets.


A name chosen to recall the Castle, a characteristic figure of Castelrotto. Round wine obtained from the best varieties of corvina left to dry for about 30 days.

After a long fermentation in conical Slavonian oak vats, it is aged for a long time in small French oak barrels.

Alcohol: 14.5% vol.

Variety: Corvina 100%

Vintage: 2015

Origin: Castelrotto di San Pietro in Cariano (VR)

Yield: 60 quintals / ha

Training system: Veronese pergola

Harvest: manual, subsequent drying 30-40 days approximately

Fermentation: traditional about 25 days

Aging: 20 months in barriques and 6 months in large 25hl barrels

Refinement: 8 months in the bottle

Pairing: red meats, aged cow and goat cheeses. Also proposed as a meditation wine.

We liked Castrum for its refined fruit and its complexity to be discovered.


WTW Sommelier – @afinarelli

Welcome To The WeTaste.Wine World

In this particular and difficult moment of history, we have decided to roll up our sleeves and focus on this project: WeTaste.Wine. One of the most important Italian treasure is the wine. The reason why we thought it deserved to be shared and known to the widest possible audience around the world. Our Discovery, Magnificent and Nature wine tasting options are aimed at anyone who wants to explore the Italian lands of wine. The most characteristic wineries, the most representative labels, the stories of families who dedicate a lifetime to making the wine of their dreams.

From the most experienced sommeliers to wine enthusiasts, wine bloggers and those who simply love sharing the experience of tasting an excellent glass of wine. WeTaste.Wine will take them through a wine journey different every month, a conscious and expert choice, guided by quality and curiosity.

Wine has its own rhythm and we want to respect it. As well as waiting for a lunch or a special occasion, our wine boxes are delivered once a month. A ‘slow-commerce’ that we like, respecting those who work in this world and those who will appreciate its products.

The territory is our starting point. The first wine boxes will come from three selected wineries in Val d’Alpone, in the province of Verona. A place where the unfolding of the rows and their harmony gets lost in the horizon. A difficult choice, given the great quality of the wines from this land. Step by step we will do our best to bring their bottles to your dining tables.

Our sommeliers are constantly looking for the best wines for your tasting experience! This is only the beginning, because this beautiful land of wines, Italy, it is also a place where getting lost becomes a real pleasure.

Enjoy your wine tasting journey 🙂

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