The Ancilla Winery

Many company stories have the pace of a fairy tale, and Ancilla, despite its simplicity, is no exception. So, once upon a time, there was an energetic and extraordinary woman working in agriculture, who every day got up at 3 am to coordinate, check, receive, send … Her name was Ancilla.

In the mid-1970s, with the help of her daughter, Ancilla bought two vineyards: La Ghidina and Cadellora. The first in Lugana di Sirmione, in the heart of the production area of ​​one of the most elegant whites in Italy, and the second in Villafranca di Verona.

Ancilla had a daughter, Maria Teresa. From the beginning, Maria Teresa followed the vineyards of La Ghidina, personally taking care of the production of grapes, which at the time weres old to some famous Lugana wineries. At the beginning of the 2000s, however, Maria Teresa wanted to pass her legacy to her daughter Luisella who was faced with a choice: selling everything or becoming a producer of Lugana. She had a job in finance, but a passion for the land: she always took time off when it was time to harvest.

Luisella Benedetti chose the land and changed her life. She had the advantage of working in a suitable area, and had some experience in the production of grapes for winemaking. She could also count on the help of trusted collaborators who knew these lands and its grapes well. In the cellar she didn’t know how to do anything, so she learned to do everything from scratch. For a year she worked like any apprentice, pulling pipes, decanting, cleaning tanks, preparing yeast cuvées, supervising fermentation, following the bottling process. An experience that helped her to feel the ownership of the winery that she later built in Villafranca, in the midst of the Cadellora vineyards.

Even today she continues to get her hands dirty, and when help is needed, her team knows she never backs down. The lifelong commitment of his mother and grandmother today is still a young project that is growing. Day after day, the most difficult challenge she could face is proving to be her greatest satisfaction, and the best choice she could make in life. This is why Luisella gave the company the name of her grandmother: today it has become a shared dream, and also a beautiful reality.

Tenuta La Ghidina

The 6 hectares of turbiana vineyards are in Lugana di Sirmione, almost in front of Lake Garda. They are planted on the typical soil of the Lugana appellation, consisting of a clayey silt as hard as stone when the weather is dry, but capable of transforming into a slimy and sticky swamp when it rains. The vines have an age ranging from 8-10 years to the youngest, to 40-50 years for the oldest. The average yield per hectare ranges from 80 to 100 quintals, the care of the vineyards is traditional, with the use of integrated pest management.

The climate is one of the most favorable: the proximity of the lake protects against stagnant humidity, ensuring good ventilation and an excellent temperature range between day and night. Our Lugana comes from these vines, whose grapes are vinified and aged separately according to the age of the vineyards. The older plants, in fact, give more sparse clusters, so that the wines require longer refinements. This is the case of Lugana Ancilla, which we have chosen for you. The younger plants, on the other hand, have more compact clusters, and give our wines fresher notes . This is the case of Lugana 1909, which we have also chosen for you.

Ancilla Lugana DOC

This wine is dedicated to the woman who made everything possible: grandmother Ancilla. Luisella wanted it to be a tribute to her entrepreneurial spirit and her foresight: it is a more complex and mature Lugana, which requires a little patience, because it comes out after at least a year and a half of bottle aging. This patience that gives us a wonderful complexity, where everything is perfectly balanced. 100% Turbiana, a Guyot training system and an alcohol content of 13.5%.

On the nose, notes of ripe yellow fruit, white flowers and exotic fruits stand out. In the mouth it is balanced, rich, important, well-structured without detracting from the freshness, minerality and ease of drinking. It will be the perfect companion for your ‘al fresco’ spring lunches and dinners. We find it perfect together with a fresh plateau of raw seafood, as well as soft or flowered crust goat cheese.



1909 Lugana DOC

This wine bears the date of birth of grandmother Ancilla, to whom Luisella owes her adventure in the world of wine; it is a tribute to the times when wines were made in the simplest way possible, without too much technology, starting only from grapes of excellent quality. Elegant and personal, 1909 is processed without the addition of sulphites, so that the fruit can express itself even more. Aged in steel for six months with suspended yeasts, it passes another 3 in the bottle before being put on the market with an alcohol content of 13%.

Intense notes of yellow fruit stand out on the nose: grapefruit and citrus fruits in general with an intriguing final background of jasmine and elderberry. In the mouth the olfactory sensations are completed and lengthened, increasing the pleasure of the fruit and the curiosity to look for new warm notes. Its citrus notes make it the perfect wine to pair with fresh dishes such as mozzarella or ricotta cheese, a celery and octopus salad and grilled fish of course!