Wine Box Tai Rosso – Berici


The selection of Tai Rosso takes us to the middle of the Berici Hills. A wine box with typical wines from one of the most characteristic areas of the Vicenza.

SIX BOTTLES chosen for their processing and expression of this native vine, the red Tai. The Pegoraro winery in Mossano, Veneto, produces them.

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pegoraro tai rosso



2 Bottles of Tai Rosso

The classic red Tai that has always been known in the Berici Hills. A wine not too tannic, but robust and of a brilliant ruby red color. Among the most marked and distinctive scents we find cherry and raspberry, rose and the spice of black pepper. Characteristics that make it ideal in combination with various preparations such as risotto with truffles, roast chicken or the typical Vicenza-style cod.




pegoraro rovea



2 Bottles of Rovea

A more structured red Tai made with grapes harvested from a vineyard in the middle of the hills, where the soil of volcanic origin makes the difference. The fresh, fruity component and the delicate body of its more classic version are enriched with structure and complexity also thanks to the aging in wood for about a year. Full and soft on the palate, it expresses a sweet, elegant tannin with pleasant spicy memories.




pegoraro rosè



2 Bottles of Rosé

The red Tai grapes are also very interesting in this sparkling version. The color, the aromas and the structure are elements that are obtained with great care in the times of harvesting and in vinification. A wine with an intense, bright color and with a fine and persistent effervescence in the glass. Notes of wild strawberries, thyme, bergamot and almond. Its slight sugar residue makes it fall into the category of brut sparkling wines.




The SPECIAL PRICE of this wine box is 79€!