Wine Box Soave


The special selection of WeTaste.Wine offers a wine box with the most characteristic wines of the Soave region, in the province of Verona.

SIX BOTTLES that will bring the flavors of the Soave hills and volcanic wines directly into your glasses. The Tessari winery in Monteforte d’Alpone produces them.

Delivery within 10 working days from the order confirmation.




1 Bottle of Arcerus – Garganega Extra Brut

Garganega in sparkling purity. This wine has a very lively straw yellow color and very fine bubbles. Characterized by an intense aroma of apple and elderflower and chamomile wildflowers. It remains fresh and persistent on the palate, accompanied by a pleasant aftertaste of bitter almond as well as a delicate perlage that enhances the mineral notes.







1 Bottle of Avus – Garganega sui Lieviti

Garganega in purity. It is a sparkling wine with a base, as it was once made. A simple and drinkable wine. The bottled wine has rested in the cellar and has not been filtered, which is why it has a slight deposit at the bottom of the bottle given by the natural yeasts produced by the refermentation.







2 Bottles of Grisela – Soave Classico DOC

The peculiarity of Grisela lies in its production path and respect for the territory. It is a well balanced wine with 100% Garganega grapes. It draws its typicality from the hilly vineyards of the Soave Classico area of Monteforte d’Alpone.




tre colli recioto



1 Bottle of Tre Colli – Recioto di Soave DOCG

The bunches for the production of Recioto, exclusively from garganega, are selected before the harvest and then left to dry until February. The volcanic soil, rich in basaltic rock, transfers clear mineral sensations, which give the wine a fresh and pleasant character.




bine longhe



1 Bottle of Bine Longhe

A wine of an intense straw yellow, which stands out for its rich and brilliant color, derived from the late October harvest. All this after leaving the grapes overripe in the vineyard for about twenty days. A wine to “eat”!





The SPECIAL PRICE of this wine box is 89€!