The Portinari Winery – March


The Portinari winery is located at the foot of the Brognoligo hills, near Monteforte d’Alpone. In the early 1980s Umberto decided to personally cultivate the family vineyards, even if he didn’t have any first-hand experience as a winemaker. He was well aware of the small size of the company but he also knew the particular features of his vineyards. Since the 80’s he has been enthusiastically busy with cultivating garganega and making his own wine.

For some years now, Umberto has been supported by his daughter Maria and son Silvio in the vineyard, in the cellar and with marketing activities. With their youthful enthusiasm and new ideas, they are pursuing the dream of bringing their Soave wine to success.

The company is characterized by its small size, 4 hectares, and is divided into two plots: Ronchetto and Albare. The Albare vineyard is located in the flat area to the left of the Alpone stream and was planted in 1987 on alluvial soil rich in clay. In this vineyard the ‘Reasoned Double Maturation’ technique is applied. The different levels of ripeness of the grapes are obtained by cutting the vine shoot. The branch is cut in such a way as to leave about half of the clusters fed by the sap on the vine (these tend to overripe), the other half remains in the vineyard and the withering process begins.

The Soave DOC Albare and the Soave DOC Santo Stefano both come from the Albare vineyard. These are the two labels we have chosen for your Discovery tasting option!


Soave D.O.C. “Albare”

albareGrapes: Garganega.

The aromas are enhanced by the “Reasoned Double Maturation” technique.

The wine is made with grapes at two levels of ripeness, withered and overripe, pressed and vinified together. The vinification takes place in steel containers at a controlled temperature.

This garganega is truly first class, with a continuous progression of olfactory and gustatory facets. We liked its balance made up of contrasts: ripe and crunchy fruit, its sapidity and its honeyed tones, toasted fruit and citrus fruits. Everything works great together, and even better when paired with a shrimp Pad Thai, with a nice sprinkling of roasted peanuts.




Soave D.O.C. “Santo Stefano”

santo stefanoGrapes: Garganega.

It is obtained from the late harvest of “Reasoned Double Maturation” grapes around mid-November.

It ferments and ages in small oak barrels for 24 months. Afterwards, it ages another 24 months in the bottle.

A beautiful and very well-balanced structure for this garganega. The nose immediately offers aromas of bread crust and peanut butter, followed by fresh hints of aromatic and balsamic herbs. In the mouth it is well rounded with a pleasant alcohol content. Versatile with food pairing in general, for us a winner with roasted rabbit with thyme and rosemary.

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