May Calls Lugana Wines


May we trust you. Bring us health, lightheartedness and… A lot of Lugana!

This is the wine that our sommeliers have chosen for the WeTaste.Wine tasting option in May. A product as old as the Bronze Age which is expressed in all its characteristics in two specific areas, overlooking the shores of Lake Garda. A flat one with more leathery clays and flows inland from Desenzano to Sirmione, including part of Pozzolengo and Peschiera. In the latter municipality, an important sub-area is noteworthy: San Benedetto di Lugana, ‘cru’ of the appellation. The other area is more hilly and extends between the Monumental Tower of San Martino della Battaglia, Pozzolengo and Lonato. In these places the clays are more sandy, the reliefs are leveled by time at low altitudes, just over a hundred meters above sea level.

Clayey lands, mostly calcareous and rich in minerals, more sandy in the hills. Lands difficult to cultivate, compact in drought and become mud in the abundance of rain. These are precisely the characteristics that make Lugana so special, as the Lugana Consortium describes “they give the wine vigorous, clear aromas, between almond and citrus, as well as acidity, flavor and a well-balanced structure”.

In Lugana, where an ancient forest once extended, the ‘Lucanian forest’, the climate is mild and constant, also thanks to the proximity of the enchanting Lake Garda. To this we add a low temperature range between day and night and the result is an ideal context to best express this very precious grape, Trebbiano di Lugana, known as Turbiana.

To receive the wine box (or rather wine mystery box:), purchase a wine subscription or a single box by the end of the month and we will deliver it to you at the beginning of the following month. More comfortable than that??? In the section explore all the wineries of the ‘previous episodes’, to get an idea.

At this point we wish you, as always, a fantastic wine tasting experience!

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