Love is in the Tai


February is for lovers. And in February we want to make you fall in love with Tai Rosso, the most representative wine of the Mill Valley a picturesque corner of the Berici Hills, in the southern province of Vicenza.

Strolling through the paths of the Mill Valley, you overlook the gentle hills covered with vineyards and olive groves, dotted with ancient water mills dating back to the Middle Ages. And if this idyllic landscapes were not enough to make you fall in love, just think that the small and winged bunch of Tai Rosso has the shape of a heart, and its leaves turn fiery red in the foliage period.

This adorable wine warms your senses with its brilliant ruby ​​red color and its hints of small red fruit, violet and cyclamen, whitepepper and cloves. Tai Rosso has traditionally been a simple table wine, but today it shows features above and beyond expectations, thanks to the renewed attention to the optimal exposure of the volcanic hilly areas and to the low yields in the vineyard.

As in a beautiful love story, even with Tai Rosso, care is the basis for great satisfaction and surprising turnouts.

So, since 2009, the disciplinary measures allow a reserve version that enhances the potential and versatility of this grape. We also found it particularly intriguing as a rosé sparkling wine, a true flirt. Red Tai offers many opportunities for food and wine pairing. Try the rosé sparkling with Vicenza-style or creamed cod, a party for your senses!

In its traditional and reserve version, it will surprise you with classic Veneto dishes: ‘soppressa e bollito con pearà’. Its spicy hints go perfectly with this peppery sauce of bread, broth, and marrow; its delicate freshness goes well with the succulence of boiled meat. Try it with marinated tongue, it is unforgettable!

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