What do the wine tasting options consist of?

Each option proposed by WeTaste (Discovery, Magnificent and Nature) consists in a monthly shipment of two labels available in packages of 2 wine bottles (1 each label), 4 wine bottles (2 each label) and 6 wine bottles (3 each label) for a period of time that you will select during the purchase phase (monthly subscription, 3 months packet or 6 months packet). The itineraries are distinguished by the type of wines, the characteristics of the labels and the price range. They are representative of a specific wine-growing area carefully selected each month by the WeTaste team of experts.

How much do the wine tasting options cost?

The Discovery, Magnificent and Nature tastingoptions cost respectively from 35,50 Euro, 58,00 Euro and 35,50 Euro, including packaging. Shipping costs will be calculated based on the requested delivery address and will be shown while you are placing your order.

When will I receive the first WeTaste box?

By purchasing a wine tasting option within the current month, you will receive the first box within the first weeks of the following month. Orders placed on the last day of the month will be processed in the following month.

Which wines will I receive the first time?

You will receive the wines related to the monthly selection, always carefully chosen by our team according to the season.

Can I know the labels before they are shipped?

The nature of the itinerary is to make you to know the territory. For this reason, before receiving the bottles, you will receive information about the area of origin of the monthly selected labels, its characteristics and the peculiarities of the relevant grape or varieties chosen. Information regarding the labelswill be provided to you as soon as you have received the bottles. You will discover the labels yourself!

Can I change my wine tasting options?

Through the functions of your WeTaste account or by contacting info@wetaste.wine it is possible to change your wine path. To allow our team to make the change, this can be done within five business days before the end of the calendar month.

How does the monthly subscription work?

By choosing the monthly wine tasting option, you will enjoy our monthly Wetaste box subscription at your home without processing new orders. After the first payment, processed for the order confirmation, the next payments will be automatically processed with the payment method you chose initially on the twentieth day of each month, for the delivery of the following month.

Can I cancel the monthly supscription?

The cancellation is always possible, through your account or by contacting our team at info@wetaste.wine. Due to operational reasons, if you send your request of cancellation by the fifteenth day of the month to our team, the cancellation will be valid from the following month. If your cancellation will be sent after the fifteenth day of the month, the cancellation will be valid after the shipment of your last WeTaste box of the following month.

Can I buy again the wines received?

Of course, you can contact ourWeTasteteam directly through your account or by writing to info@wetaste.wine.

Who chooses WeTaste wines?

Our sommelier team! The real engine of the project, always ready to know, taste and propose interesting wineries that deserve to be appreciated and shared.

Where can I find information on the wines you select?

All information on the wines selected by the WeTaste team will be on our blog, ready to be shared!

What happens if I receive a damaged bottle or a corked bottle?

If you receive a damaged shipment, please notifying it to the forwarder while you receive WeTaste box and send pictures of the related damages to our team at info@wetaste.wine by 3 days from the delivery.
In the case of potential product quality alteration (i.e. corked bottle), it will be necessary to keep it with the respective cap, making sure there are no leaks, and then contact us via your account or by sending an email to info@wetaste.wine. We will be ready to best support you.

Is it possible to request an invoice for the wine tasting option purchased?

Of course, this document must be requested at the time of purchase by selecting the relevant option. You will receive the document by email after payment.