The Pegoraro Winery

The Pegoraro winery is located in Mossano, a small pearl of the Berici Hills, where ​​the most characteristic vines of this area, Tai Rosso and Garganega find their perfect location.

The Pialli Winery

The Pialli family has been producing wines since the 1960s. Both grandparents Silvio Tognetti (CìoBacaro) and Gregorio Pialli owned small vineyards and each made and sold their own wine. Typical
Soave WeTaste.Wine

An Ancient Land of Wines: Soave

Here we are, ready to explore the territory that you will taste in March! Let’s start with some history. Did you know that the first census of the Soave Classico
wine box of love

The wine box of love!

Dear lovers (of wine and more), we have selected a small Valpolicella treasure chest especially for you. Together with the Corte Bravi winery we have created a wine box suitable

They talk about us!

The small Italian wineries, those managed by families and with deep roots in the territory. A world to be explored that we have chosen to make known to wine lovers.

Love is in the Tai

February is for lovers. And in February we want to make you fall in love with Tai Rosso, the most representative wine of the Mill Valley a picturesque corner of
WeTaste.Wine Paolo Cottini

The Paolo Cottini Winery

The foundation of the Paolo Cottini company, created by Paolo and Sara, renews the tradition of a family of the third generation of winemakers. Here the passion for the cultivation
WeTaste.Wine Corte Bravi

The Corte Bravi Winery

In the middle of the Valpolicella Classica, in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Corte Bravi was born in 2011 from the project of the brothers Andrea and Ivano Brunelli. United by the
WeTaste.Wine villa san carlo

The Villa San Carlo Winery

The Villa San Carlo winery, owned by the Pavesi family since 1958, is located in Montorio, in the Verona area. Leaning along the slopes of a hill facing the sunset,

Once upon a time there was Valpolicella

In January our journey takes us to the valley of many wineries: Valpolicella! Valpolicella is the hilly area between the Lessini mountains and the Verona plain. It stretches from the

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The Dama del Rovere Winery

This particular name, Dama del Rovere, comes from a small votive Madonnina set in an oak, which has its roots in the middle of the vineyards owned by the winery.