April it’s Bardolino


Spring has begun to show its colors, and we have begun to see life through pink colored glasses.

In April, our vie en rose will make a stop in Bardolino, a renowned area for the production of rosé wines, perfect for the warm days that await us. A thousand shades of pink that immediately put you in a good mood, even when facing the much dreaded wardrobe change, or even worse deep spring cleaning.

The joy of Bardolino has distant roots, dating back to the Bronze Age. It pass through the Divine Comedy, the work of monks in monasteries during the Middle Ages, and to the present day as we know it. Bardolino is a wine that is being rediscovered and we believe there are many good reasons for that.

As the specification of this denomination explains, the production area of the grapes dedicated to producing Bardolino “includes in whole or in part the territories of the municipalities of Bardolino, Garda, Lazise, Affi, Costermano, Cavaion, Torri del Benaco, Caprino, Rivoli Veronese, Pastrengo, Bussolengo, Sona, Sommacampagna, Castelnuovo, Peschiera, Valeggio”. Finally, according to the original denomination of this wine, it is produced mainly thanks to the processing of Corvina Veronese. Within a certain limit, it is also allowed the usage of other varieties, such as Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara.

Coming to you in April, get excited and think pink!

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