An Ancient Land of Wines: Soave

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Here we are, ready to explore the territory that you will taste in March!

Let’s start with some history. Did you know that the first census of the Soave Classico hills dates back to the Napoleonic period? That’s right and very little has changed since the time regarding the relationship between the local economy and the vineyards, indeed it is a bond that has been consolidated over time. Viticulture is a cornerstone of the culture and economy of these places, lying in the east of Verona, where the Garganega grape reigns supreme.

In fact, in 2016 the Italian government declared the Soave vineyard hills a “rural landscape of historical interest”. As described by the Consorzio Tutela Vini del Soave, in 2017 FAO invited this territory to participate in the Global Heritage Agricultural Heritage Systems program. The following year, Soave was declared the 53rd world site, the first in Italy, as a world heritage site linked to viticulture. The historical features of this area are the Veronese pergola, the system of dry stone walls and terracing, the drying and Recioto di Soave and an important cooperative dedicated to cultivating grapes that grow mainly on volcanic and calcareous soils.

As anticipated, the March expeditions of our Discovery, Nature and Magnificent tasting itineraries will be dedicated to wines from the Soave area. Ready to find out which wineries and which labels will be able to keep you company on your tables? Haven’t you chosen your tasting option??? No problem, you still have time!

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